What Are The Benefits of Elderberry?

Elderberry is a medicinal plant. Native to Europe and widely grown throughout the world, it has been used to treat everything from burns to cold and flu symptoms to pain, inflammation, etc.

Although the raw berries, bark, and leaves are poisonous, elderberry can be cooked and used to make juice, jams, pies, wine, syrups, teas, and more. 

Elderberry has been used for its beneficial properties for many years, and it is still used today for its health-boosting characteristics. This article will look at some of the benefits it can provide.

Helps Relieve Cold and Flu Symptoms

Elderberry Cold and flu

Although more studies are needed to prove whether elderberries effectively reduce the symptoms and shorten the length of colds and the flu, the research has been promising so far.

One study looked at 60 people, aged 18-54 who had been suffering from influenza symptoms for less than 48 hours. [1]

The patients were given 15 ml of elderberry syrup or a placebo four times a day for five days. The study produced the following results:

  • Patients who took the elderberry experienced a reduction in symptoms that were far greater than those who took the placebo.
  • Elderberry may be a safe, cost-effective alternative to other influenza treatments.

Elderberry and Antioxidants

Elderberry antioxidant benefits

Antioxidants are compounds that prevent oxidation. Oxidation is a chemical reaction that produces free radicals that are harmful to cells of organisms. It has been known to cause diseases like diabetes and cancer.

Those who eat foods that are rich in antioxidants reduce their risks of contracting serious diseases.

Studies have shown that elderberries have 3.5 times the antioxidant power of vitamin E. When compared to other berries, they come out as one of the most effective antioxidants.

Elderberry’s antioxidant effects have been the subject of numerous research projects. A 2005 study researched the effects of eight healthy subjects given a single dose of elderberry juice. [2]

Here are the results: 

  • Antioxidant capacity and phenolics significantly increased just one hour after ingesting the juice.
  • Anthocyanins that are characteristic of the phenolic compounds in elderberries were detected as unchanged glycosides in the volunteer’s plasma after intake.

Elderberries and Heart Health

Elderberry heart benefits


There is also evidence that elderberries may be heart healthy.

Elderberries have been shown to reduce cholesterol as well as the level of fat in the blood. Their high flavonoid content may also be responsible for reducing the risk of heart disease.

They have also been shown to reduce levels of uric acid in the blood. Uric acid is said to be linked to high blood pressure that can negatively affect heart health.

Elderberry flowers have also been shown to inhibit the enzyme a-glucosidase, which can lower blood sugar levels. In this sense, the elderberry can offer protection against heart disease and diabetes.

One study explored the effects of foods, like elderberry, that are high in flavonoids and their effects on cardiovascular disease. [3]

Different groups of people were given different doses of a variety of compounds high in flavonoid compounds. The following results were determined.

  • The dietary intake of flavonoids can significantly decrease the risk of Cardiovascular Disease.
  • A higher intake of flavonoids will result in a decreased risk of disease.

Elderberry’s Antiviral Properties

elderberry antiviral properties

Elderberry is said to fight harmful bacteria like helicobacter pylori. This may make it useful in improving symptoms of illnesses such as sinusitis and bronchitis.

The antiviral properties of black elderberries were reviewed in a 2017 study. [4]

The study yielded the following results.

  • Antiviral and antimicrobial properties have been demonstrated in elderberry extracts.
  • The USDA approves the use of elderberry as being safe.
  • A deficit of studies makes the medical application of the berry impractical, but with more research, it may emerge as a good alternative for treating viruses.

Elderberry and Depression

Elderberry for depression

If you are feeling down, try eating elderberries. These fruits have been shown to decrease depression in animal studies.

One 2014 study looked at the effects of elderberries on male albino mice. [5]

The mice were subjected to swimming tests and tail suspension tests, and their mobility was measured after being given an extract. The results were as follows.

  • The extracts were safe.
  • The extracts increased mobility in all activities.
  • The results may show elderberry as an easily accessible antidepressant.

Elderberry as a Sun Protection Alternative

Elderberry for sun protection

Elderberry has been shown to offer protection from UV radiation as a product was developed using an elderberry extract that produced an SPF of 9.88.

A study was conducted to examine the effects of plant polyphenols on UV exposed skin. [6]

The results were as follows. 

  • Polyphenols are effective in producing photoprotective effects.
  • Polyphenols may reduce UV induced skin inflammation, oxidative stress, and DNA damage.
  • Polyphenols may protect skin from adverse effects of UV radiation, including the risk of skin cancer.
  • Polyphenols may be useful in offering sunscreen protection.

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